How To Reset Windows 10 Pc Without Installation Media

How to reset Windows 10 PC without installation media?

As you use Windows 10 PC, you may have experienced the phenomenon that various programs are installed and unnecessary data is accumulated, which gradually slows down. I tried uninstalling the program and deleting the files as much as possible, but it didn’t make it faster. At that time, if I reinstalled Windows 10 using the Windows 10 installation CD or installation USB, the PC started running at a faster speed. There are other people who regularly reinstall their PC like this.

However, this method is not very cumbersome because it is difficult to reinstall without Windows 10 installation media and you also have to install a new driver. Today, I would like to share with you how to reset Windows 10 PC to a clean state without installation media.

How to reset Windows 10 PC without installation CD

1. Enter “reset” in the search bar at the bottom of the Windows screen, and the “reset this PC” menu appears.
– Run the “Reset this PC” menu


Step 1. Go to “Start” > “Settings” > “Update & Security” > “Recovery”.

Step 2. Under “Reset this PC option”, tap “Get Started”

Reset Windows Pc 1

Step 3. In the options select the desired reset option
– If you select Keep My Files, personal files such as My Documents are kept as they are.
– If you select Remove everything, all files including My Documents will be removed.
※ You can think of it as a factory reset of the Windows 10 version.

Factory Reset Windows 10 1

Step 4. Choose a Windows reinstallation method
– local reinstallation is recommended. This method can be performed immediately without installation media. 
– We do not do cloud downloads as it will take a lot of time.

Step 5. Additional settings menu appears. 
– I set it to delete all files only from the drive where Windows 10 is installed.

Reinstall Windows 10 Without Cd 7 1

Step 6. Lastly, check the reset option and select the [Reset] menu
– then Windows 10 will be reinstalled almost similar to when using the USB installation USB. Of course, it proceeds without installation media.

Osf Top 650X300 1

This is a capture of the C drive of my Windows 10 PC after initialization. All files other than the Windows default directory have been removed. It seems that the driver information is left because the intel drive is left. I see a driver called windows.old. I checked to see if the previous Windows 10 was backed up, and it was an empty directory. Windows 10 PC is now running fast. ^^ You too, please use the “Reset this PC” menu when reinstalling a slow Windows 10 PC.

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