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How to Install Zoom on Ubuntu [Beginner’s Guide]

Note: This is a beginner’s tutorial showing the steps for installing Zoom on Ubuntu using both graphical and command-line methods.

What is zoom?

The answer is actually known to you. That’s why you are here. So, without spending more time just jump into the main point.

So, How to Install Zoom on Ubuntu?

You can Install Zoom on your Ubuntu PC using the two methods.

  1. GUI Method
  2. Command-line Method

You can use it on any Linux browser, as it works on any web browser on your Linux. But, if you use it frequently, then we suggest you install it.

Method 1: Install Zoom on Ubuntu graphically [GUI Method]

We need to download the [.DEB] package because we are using Ubuntu which is a Debian-based distro. But, if you are using any Red Hat-based distro, then you need to download the [.RPM] package.

Just follow the steps to install Zoom on ubuntu.

Step 1: Download Zoom

To download the Zoom installable file, click on the below link.

How To Install Zoom On Ubuntu
On this page, select your preferred distro from the dropdown. In our case, it is Ubuntu. Then, you have the option to choose your OS architecture and version.
How To Install Zoom On Ubuntu Pic 2
Downloading Zoom For Ubuntu
Finally, click the download button and complete the download process.

Step 2: Install the Zoom App

Double click the installable .deb file which you have just downloaded and it will open the application installation environment of ubuntu ie. Ubuntu software.
How To Install Zoom On Ubuntu Pic 3

Next, You’ll be asked to enter your admin password. Enter it and follow the window to complete the installation.

Once the process of installation is done, press the Super key (Windows key) and search for Zoom. Finally, click on the Zoom icon to start the application.


This will open the Zoom app and you can start attending your important Zoom meetings.
Zoom-Installed-Ubuntu (1)
That’s it. Enjoy…

Method 2: Install Zoom on Ubuntu using terminal

If you want to install it quickly then you may like this method. Here also you have to do all the previous steps. But now inside the terminal only.

Step 1: Download the Zoom.deb file.

Open the terminal and run the below command.


If it shows any error regarding wget, install wget first and then use the above command.

To install wget run the below command. Ignore if you have it already.

sudo apt install wget

Step 2: Now, Install Zoom on Ubuntu using the terminal.

sudo apt install ./zoom_amd64.deb

After completing the installation you can run the Zoom app from Show Application.

How to remove/uninstall Zoom from Ubuntu

To uninstall Zoom from Ubuntu, you need to use the terminal, irrespective of whichever method you used to install it.

Just run the below command on your terminal:

sudo apt remove zoom

It will ask for your admin password. Type it and hit enter to uninstall it.

It will again ask for your confirmation before fully remove. Press Y and hit enter and this will remove it from your Ubuntu PC.

That’s it in this article. Thank you for reading it.

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